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The Best Ergonomic Desk Accessories for your Standing Desk

The following standing desk accessories are a perfect compliment to any Standing Desk, and will improve your ergonomics and long term comfort.

Monitor Arms or Monitor Stand

monitor stand

Setting your monitor at the proper height is essential to eliminate neck strain and discomfort even with a Standing Desk. Standing Desk Converters usually have a lower tier for the keyboard, and an upper tier for the monitor. This helps but does not always get the monitor to the proper height. Monitor Arms are easy to install and adjust so that the top of the monitor lines up even with your eye level, the perfect height. They can also adjust in angle up/down ans side to side so you can get a perfect angle for your desk. If you use multiple monitors, no problem as there are monitor arms that hold them.

If you need to elevate your monitor a short distance and don't need as much adjustability a Monitor Stand can be an affordable option. Some monitor stands are a fixed height while others have height adjustment. You can also get monitor stands for single, double, and even triple monitors.

Keyboard Tray

keyboard tray

A keyboard tray helps you position your arms and wrists in the proper position to eliminate future pain problems. When typing your wrists should be straight and your arms should be at a 90 degree angle to your body. Even with a adjustable standing desk it can be hard to get the proper height for your desktop, keyboard, and monitor. A keyboard mounted under your desktop is great way to position your hands and arms for typing.

Cushioned Floor Mat

floor mat

Standing at a desk all day without a well designed floor mat can lead to leg and joint fatique. A well cushioned floor mat helps eliminate this fatique and cushions you throughout the day. 

Ergonomic Chairs and Stools

standing desk stool

Most people alternate between sitting and standing at their Sit Stand Desk throughout the day. You don't want to forget to us an Ergonomic Chair for the sitting portion. Ergonomic Chairs are designed to position your body to eliminate pain from long term sitting, and offer many more adjustments to fit to your body. Standing Desk Stools offer a way for you to sit or lean while at your standing desk. You can lean onto them and adjust them to your height. You can alternate between standing and using the stool, which can help eliminate fatique.They are also portable.


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